We are excited to take you Behind Beauty, behind the glamour, the celebrity and the cameras and reveal what it really takes to make it big in the beauty industry. 

Behind Beauty aims to become THE destination for aspiring and current MUAs to further develop their skills and knowledge, receive practical career and industry advice and gain a wider understanding of the industry as a whole. 

We are bringing you exclusive Masterclasses from the industry-leading makeup artists who are ready to share their experiences and skills with the next generation of MUAs. All our Masterclasses contain two parts; a dedicated career section where artists will delve into what it takes to become a successful makeup artist as well as a skill-sharing section in the form of a makeup tutorial. 

Behind Beauty really is made for you, the makeup artist, so if you have any questions, suggestions or Artists that you would love to see next, please email us directly at



A few years ago, I started a beauty product brand through which I met so many incredible MUAs, all in different stages of their careers. Despite the massive increase in transparency and skill sharing that has taken place in the industry in the past years, I still found that there was a huge information gap between MUAs in the early years of their careers and those makeup artists at the very top. Learning makeup skills is one thing, but crafting a career, breaking into an industry, running a business, finding your way around sets, attracting those ideal clients and maintaining a constant stream of income is a whole different story.

When I see a gap, my instinct is always to bridge it. I am a strong believer in the power of knowledge and luckily I found exceptionally talented artists, who share my values and commitment to up-skill the next generation of MUAs.

I hope you will join us and come with me Behind Beauty!